Eneo3D combines Apple Native 3D SceneKit and Apple Motion FxPlug to create a powerful 3D Animation tool for Motion and Final Cut Pro X.   The Eneo3D FxPlug generates a self contained 3D scene that is completely Modeless in Motion and Final Cut Pro X.  In other words, You can browse and audition Materials, Reflections and Light Gels directly on the Motion and FCPX viewers.  Use Motion Keyframes and Behaviors for nearly every parameter! You can make Objects from 2D Vector Drawings, Import Animated Models, apply Animated Materials and Geometry Modifiers, Create Titles with Physics for Collision and Bounce or perform Explosions, Twists, Bends, Bubble and so much more!

Use the Built in Stage with Scrim and Infinite Reflective Floor or Import Sets and Props from Popular Vendors like Daz3D, Poser, TurboSquid, CGTrader, SketchFab, SketchUP, Thingiverse and More!

We Love using the free Daz 3D application to create animated Models for export to Collada dae and Import to Eneo3D.

Place your Green Screen Video in 3D Virtual Worlds

App Store Demo Video

Peculiar Thing

Music Video made with Eneo3D, Motion, Final Cut Pro X and Daz 3D

Animate in 3D with

Final Cut Pro X

and Motion!


• Type Directly onto Objects

• Import Animated Models: DAE, SCN, OBJ, SVG

• Create 3D Objects from 2D drawings

• Bend, Twist, Explode, Morph, Slice, Bubble, etc.

• Physics for Collision, Bounce, Magnetic, Noise

• Infinite Floor with Mapping and Reflections

• Scrim Styles: Plane, Sphere, Cube, World

• Animated Geometry Shaders with Script Editor

• Animated Materials Library with Script Editor

• Animated Spot Light Gels Library

• Reflections Library

• Camera Orbit, Point, Face, Follow

Hi Resolution Earth with 14k Maps Included!

Download the Manual

Download the Demo


60 Second Trailer

Explore, Learn and Create in the world of Animated Materials with the Free ShaderSmith App!

Built in Script Editor lets you modify existing Materials for Export to Eneo3D or Render to QuickTime right from the App.

Get ShaderSmith FREE!

The Eneo3D package Includes:

Huge Content Library

• Giant Final Cut Template Collection (modify in Motion)

• Hi Res Earth Models with 190 World Borders

• 190 Animated World Flags

• Animated Models

• Animated Titles

• Animated Lower Thirds, Banners and Badges

• Animated Surface Materials, Glass, Paint, Glows, etc.

• Animated Geometry Shaders, Explode, Bend, Twist, Morph, Bubble, Water, 3D Page Turns, etc.

• Reflection Images

• Light Gels (animated and static)

Import 3D Model Formats

• DAE Collada, SCN SceneKit with Baked Animation

• OBJ WaveFront, SVG Scalable Vector Graphics

Create and Type Directly on Objects from 2D

• Make 3D complex Geometry from 2D svg vector drawings and Text

• Animate Flags and Banners with your Text

• Sophisticated 3D Lower Thirds and Badges

Make and Modify Surface Materials

• Choose from the huge Material Library

• Modify Fragment Shaders with Built In Script Editor

• Add Your Video as a Surface Material With or Without Alpha Channel

• Create Specialized Materials using Diffuse, Normal and Emission Maps

Make and Modify Animated Geometry Shaders

• Browse and Choose from the huge Geometry Shader Library

• Modify Geometry Shaders with the Script Editor

• Combine Geometry Shaders for unique animation

Physics for 3D Objects

• Realistic Collision, Bounce, Noise, Turbulence, Direction, Vortex, Magnetism, etc.

• Affect Text by the Glyph, Word, Line and Paragraph

Built in Stage

• Infinite Floor with Reflections

• Custom Scrim types: Plane, Cylinder, Sphere, Cube, World

• Auto Track Object to Floor or Floor to Object

• Add any Surface Material to Scrim and Floor

using the mouse

Smart Camera Workflow

• Point and Follow Object

• Orbit Object

• Orbit Point

• Track on Object X axis

• Objects can Always Face Camera in X and Y axis

Video with Alpha Channel makes You Virtual!

• Put your On-Camera Talent directly in 3D Fantasy Worlds (2D Planes can always face Camera)

Eneo3D needs a lot of GPU ram to load complex 3D Models, (4GB or more recommended) For a Smart Workflow Export a ProRes 4444 QT clip to stand in for the Generator instead of populating your FCPX Timeline with several 3D Generators.  The Apple Motion application is the host for the Eneo3D FxPlug and is the best place to access the complete range of incredible tools.  Use Motion to Export your QT clips to FCPX for the best workflow performance.


It's not required, but you can use the Free Apple App Xcode for a wide range of 3D Model editing capabilities including UV Surface Map assignments and Export to SceneKit scn.

System Requirements: macOS 10.14.1 or later, 4GB of Ram (8GB or more recommended), OpenCL-capable GPU graphics card or Intel HD Graphics 3000 or later, 1GB of VRAM (4GB or more recommended)